Challenge overview

Mission from MaRS: Net Zero builds on the success of the Climate Impact Challenge. Through a series of discrete, focused climate action missions, the program will further address barriers to achieving net-zero targets.

Each mission will assemble a coalition of decision makers and influencers to develop and implement action plans that strengthen Canada’s cleantech sector, scale innovative solutions and address delicate climate issues, ensuring these learnings and successes can be replicated across the country.

Public Procurement

The Public Procurement Mission facilitates the adoption of clean and circular innovations at scale by reimagining the government procurement processes. This mission will provide communities of all sizes the knowledge, capital, support and technologies needed to fulfill their own climate action commitments.

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Carbon Management

The Carbon Management Mission aims to strengthen the demand for carbon innovations in Canada, ensuring supply meets the demand. This mission is focused on:

  1. Growing supply by helping ventures navigate carbon markets for commercial growth.
  2. Building demand by enabling a marketplace for carbon removals in Canada.

Sustainable Mining

The Sustainable Mining Mission aims to help Canada’s mining industry achieve its environmental and carbon reduction goals by accelerating the adoption of sustainable mining solutions while still meeting the demand for resources.

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Mission Structure

Each Mission will follow a similar approach:

I – High Velocity Coalitions

Subject matter experts across corporate, government, non-profit and venture organizations that provide guidance and good governance on the development of large-scale solutions.

II – Awareness and Momentum

Thought leadership and events that highlight barriers and opportunities for scaling and adopting climate tech, profiling venture solutions and deploying case studies.

III – Action for Impact

Pragmatic, action-oriented projects that deliver results, including playbooks for the successful adoption and scaling of climate tech solutions, buyer consortiums and marketplaces and programming that support the growth and scaling of ventures.