reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions needed by 2030 to keep warming under 1.5°C

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investment needed by 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change


ventures with scalable, high-impact climate solutions that have the potential to reduce 2,000+ megatonnes of emissions each year


Canada is warming at double the rate of other countries, and has one of the highest GHG emissions footprints in the world per capita.

The current global temperature rise of 1.1°C above pre-industrial levels has already led to catastrophe, including more frequent and severe storms, increased drought, and as of July 2023, the hottest month on record. Scientists have calculated that every additional increment of warming will come with more extreme weather events.

Human activity has led us to this point, with global carbon emissions reaching 36.8 billion tonnes in 2022. Until now, our lives have been dependent on burning fossil fuels. But there is a better way.

We already have the technology needed to solve the climate crisis. The time is now to focus on adopting and scaling these solutions. With only a matter of years left to mitigate the climate crisis, we must prevent the most disastrous consequences of climate change — now.

“Innovation without adoption is a dead end”

– Tyler Hamilton, Senior Director of Climate

Mission from MaRS seeks out companies with scalable, high-impact climate solutions, pairing these innovators with ecosystem leaders to help adopt and commercialize these innovations. Working in energy, real estate, transportation, carbon management and more, the Mission from MaRS team of Climate Champions have the potential to mitigate megatons of GHG emissions and spur economic activity the world over. We’re not just looking for innovation; we’re accelerating adoption to bring real impact to Canada and the world.

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